Anorexia (Vibrational Medicine)

You have done amazing things for my eating. I haven't been that good in a long time. I think it the best it has been for the last three years. All my friends and family comment all the time on how much I have changed since starting your treatments.

B.A., Ross-on-Wye - January 2020

Chronic Lower Leg Cramps (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Feeling fantastic today, did not get cramp whilst swimming, 1st time! Full of energy which feels great....something going good for me at the moment, thank you Sylvie xxxxx 

K.R., Ross-on-Wye - January 2020

Rosacea (Vibrational Medicine)

Hi Sylvie,

Thank you so much for kindly seeing me today. As always your presence is so calming and you are always so kind. It cannot be easy treating so many people with such different problems.

Thank you so unbelievably much for treating me today, I have absolute faith in you.

I have noticed a slight improvement in regards to my nose and circulation! My cheeks definitely go less red in the cold.  

Have a lovely evening and best wishes.

A.B., Ross-on-Wye, UK - January 2020

House Healing

Thank you so much for coming to us today and healing our home. It really does feel so different and much more peaceful, calm and 'friendly'. It had such a dark and uncomfortable feeling before you came, so we are very grateful for what you have done today, we both also feel different within ourselves.

PXXX our cat actually went upstairs to our bedroom and is currently asleep on our bed, she didn't do that prior to your visit. MXXX, our other cat is in our living room, which he has always steered clear from. 

Last night was the first night we both slept soundly and all the way through the night! Plus this morning, I was sat in the office and I saw out the corner of my eye, a figure in a long white gown walk up the garden steps up the back of the house. Maybe it was the same lady you saw in the summerhouse. 

MJ.H., Walford, UK - December 2019

Senility (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Dear Sylvie

An update for you before XXXX's treatment on Monday!

There has been an enormous improvement in his mental state. He is talking well and very chatty, discussing things and asking questions, and considering and working out things himself. At times he is a bit slow, but generally he is 'normal'. Thank you!

His mobility is slightly better, but not really walking. His legs are less swollen, and skin improving.

He is so much better than he was - we're grateful to you!

M.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK - December 2019

Paroxysmal Arrhythmia, Angina, Back Spams, Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Attacks (Vibrational Medicine)

I am much better since my last Vibrational Medicine treatment.

I saw my cardiologists this week telling them that thanks to the Vibrational Medicine treatments I was having, I was feeling 75% better.

I am now going most of the day without feeling anything.

They were very intrigued by what you do and said that they wanted to meet you.

Surgery won't be necessary and they don't need to change my current beta-blockers anymore.

K.B., Newport, UK - December 2019



Drepressed & Suicidal (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I couldn’t wait to call you today to let you know that since my remote treatment yesterday, I have felt a big positive shift. I noticed it within hours of your treatment. I feel more grounded, solid, together and happy.

I haven’t felt this good for a long time.

Thank you.

B.J., London, UK - November 2019

Different Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

 Dear Sylvie,

It was lovely to see you again today and thanks for everything you have done for me.
We really are incredible beings and I never fail to be amazed at how well I always feel as a result of your in depth detective work and your wonderful remedies. I appreciate how hard you work and the time and effort you put in towards helping my body to feel well again. I do feel like a new person since I first came to you and this has changed my life for the better.

My husband and I look forward to when we organise a time for you to come round to our home for a house healing. 

MJ.H., Ross-on-Wye, UK - November 2019

Different Health Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I am so glad I found you. I could not trust anyone else with my health. I am so excited to be on this journey with you. You and your treatments have been amazing.

When I phoned the Jack Temple Association and heard your name, it resonated strongly with me and I knew you were the right therapist for me. You are the therapist I have always been looking for all these years.

T.B., Staines, UK - November 2019

Different Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

“A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.”

A million thank yous to Sylvie Lenoir, XXXX & XXXX for doing just that for me - you are amazing people xxx

S.E., Spain - August 2019

Poor Eyesight (Vibrational Medicine)

Hi Sylvie,

I have to let you know the treatment you did this morning is absolutely amazing.

As I told you, I was thinking of changing my glasses as I have noticed that I have recently been struggling to read the small text on the menu on my TV.

Without a doubt my vision has dramatically improved with your treatment. I sill need glasses but I don't feel I have to change them as I can now clearly read the text I couldn't yesterday.

What you do is truly fantastic.


R.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK - July 2019

Different Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

I am aware of how different I am becoming, thinking and feeling in my life now since coming to you, it is really amazing, almost magical!

M.H., Ross-on-Wye, UK - June 2019

You are good enough as you are


Different Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

Thank you for your email and for yesterday. It is always lovely to see you and I always feel so much better after seeing you, not just because of the remedies and treatments which you give me but because I feel so blessed to have found you, someone who practices the true medicine and it always gives me much comfort to know you know the truth in life and give so many people your wisdom and help.

J.H., Ross-on-Wye, UK - June 2019

Uterine Fibroid (Vibrational Medicine)

My last ultrasound scan showed that the uterine fibroid is gone. The specialist found it very strange that it was gone mostly as it showed on the ultrasound scan I had 2 days before before I came to see you. He felt it too and so did my GP.

Thank you for all you help thus far.

JMB, Ross-on-Wye, UK - April 2019

Different Health Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I think that what you do is fantastic. I am so glad that you are in the world.

K.P., Decatur, USA - March 2019

Alcoholism (Vibrational Medicine & Reflexology)

I trust you completely and you are very good at what you do.

 G.M., Ross-on-Wye, UK - February 2019 

Different Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

The session I had with you was Outstanding, for the first time I now know what the issues are.

P.A., Matlock, UK - January 2019

Corneal & Eyeball Ulcers (Vibrational Medicine)

Since my treatment last Friday, my left eye has been absolutely brilliant, nothing to add except perfect. Thank you.

K.R., Ross-on-Wye, UK - January 2019

You Are A Star


Different Health Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

There is no one else I would trust with my health. I have repeatedly experienced the power of your healing and remedies. I am a 100% believer.

J.B., Staines, UK - January 2019

Airport X-Ray Toxicity (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I do feel so much better today, thank you.

P.H., Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - January 2019

Various Severe Health Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Wow thanks for the in-depth report on my health. All of it makes complete sense to me.  Good news that things are improving after just a week. Thank you for the healing, an amazing work you do.

J.E., Tŷ Croes, UK - December 2018

Colon Cancer Stage II-III (Face-to-Face & Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Since my last remote Vibrational Medicine treatment last week, my health has changed. 

That treatment was amazing! 

On that day I was not feeling well and I forgot that you were doing my treatment. Suddenly I felt like a huge weight had been lifted.

It was the first time I was having a Vibrational Medicine treatment while having chemo, it worked!

For the first time since starting chemo four months ago, I didn’t feel sick, I didn’t feel I was about to throw up any minute. Because I didn’t feel sick this week, I was able to have a good diet.

I had such a good week. I felt so well that I went shopping to Waitrose, which I haven’t been able to do since my cancer surgery and chemo five months ago. I did a massive shop. It felt good.

I was also able to clean my house every morning, which again I could not do in the last five months.

I am hooked on Vibrational Medicine. I can't wait for my Vibrational Medicine treatments.

H.P., Monmouth, UK - September 2018

Varicose Veins, Chronic & Severe (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Since your remote Vibrational Medicine treatment for my varicose veins, I can see daily improvements. The grapes of varicose veins on my right foot are gone. I have noticed that my nails, which were always blue, like if I was suffocating, are not blue anymore and they are now growing really fast. The swelling in my right knee and the big ball I had at the back are gone. My knee is back to normal. The swelling in my thighs has reduced too. I don't need to use my self-tanning cream to hide my varicose veins anymore. It is quite unbelievable and remarkable! I am so happy. 

B.C., St Esteve, FRANCE - July 2018

Spinal & Bladder Excruciating Pain, Chronic (Vibrational Medicine)

Since my last Vibrational Medicine treatment, I feel a lot better and the problem with my spine and bladder have improved enormously.

K.B., Newport, UK - June 2018

You Are Blessed


Shoulder Pain, Chronic (Vibrational Medicine)

The work you did last time worked really well. The pain in my shoulders is gone. Thank you.

T.B., Staines, UK - June 2018

Chronic IBS (Vibrational Medicine)

Since my last Vibrational Medicine treatment, my stomach has been great. I haven't had any symptoms. It is brilliant. Thank you.

H.Y., Bromyard, UK - February 2018

Severe Ulcerative Colitis (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Without your help, I don't think I would be alive today. Thank you.

C.B., Sutton-in Ashfield, UK - February 2018

Severe Anxiety (Vibrational Medicine)

Just want to say thank you for today's session. I am so relaxed and happy.

The door is not locked anymore and I am fine with it. I am not shaking and feel good.

My husband is on his way home and he would like to say thank you too.

I have done lots of jobs that had been waiting for me. I have more energy and do not want to cry.


Thank you ever so much.

S.N., Hereford, UK - January 2018

Scary The Cat's End of Life (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Just a note to say Scary has shown some further improvements over the last few days, and today he is eating well, so we are very pleased! 

J.N., Le Croisty, FRANCE - December 2017

Claustrophobia & Cleithrophobia (Rapid Transformational Therapy)

Best money I ever spent. It was definitely worth it. I feel amazing and my problem is gone at 80% just with one session. I want to come back next year for another RTT session. You are going to be very busy because I am going to tell everybody about it.

H.C., Coleford, UK - December 2017