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FAQs Vibrational Medicine


How many session will I need?

It is difficult to answer this question firstly without seeing you and secondly because too many factors have to be taken into account. Vibrational Medicine is a tailored medicine. Everyone is unique and responds uniquely to it. Some people heal faster than others.

What I can say with certainty is that healing is faster than getting ill.

You also may want to answer those questions for yourself: 

  • Are you ready to give up what makes you ill? 
  • Are you ready to do what it takes to get well?

Is Vibrational Medicine going to interfere with my medications?

It may in the sense that Vibrational Medicine eliminates the cause(s) of your health issues. Therefore, if the cause(s) of your issue is gone, then your medications will become unnecessary. Therefore it may create problems. 

Validate with medical tests that 

  • your medications are still needed
  • if the dose has to be safely reduced.

Is Vibrational Medicine compatible with other alternative treatments?

Yes, except acupuncture.

Is there any side effects to Vibrational Medicine?

The answer is no. But what I observed over my many years of practice is that sometimes some clients get worse for a short time before they get better.

Can I stop my medications?

If you would like to stop your medications, which is your right, you should check with your doctor first. 

Furthermore, some medications cannot be stopped at once, a weaning off period is necessary to limit withdrawals symptoms.