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You Are Awesome


Relationship Issues (Negative Karmas Removal)

Morning Sylvie. Just a message to say thank u again! This weekend there has been such a change with XXXX and I. I can only think that your treatment is the reason. He has been brilliant. So understanding, asking if I need help, not getting pissed off when I need some money. Even asking if I had enough money today. Things have been great with us, I have been more accepting of the hours he is working (and it has not bothered me) and he has made time to spend with us as much as he can. Little things have changed like checking if I’m ok, helping a little more with kids in return I feel great and very positive about him and I. So thank u again for all u do. U r amazing. 

N.M., Leeds, UK - December 2017

Wheezing (Vibrational Medicine)

I really appreciate all the work you are doing for me, thank you. It's bloody brilliant. I would not have it any other way.

R.B., Hereford, UK - November 2017

Chronic Fatigue, IBS & Severe Depression (Vibrational Medicine)

To think that just after one session I feel that good! You have given me another lifeline. I din't know you could feel that good so fast. I felt so awful for so many years that I could not see a way out. Everything that you identified as being wrong with me was at 100% correct. Thank you so much.   

J.B., Staines, UK - October 2017

Teenagehood Confidence Issues (Rapid Transformational Therapy)

Just to let you know that the last RTT session for XXXX did help. He is much happier and relaxed, more confident, no fear, more motivation. He doesn't check that everything is locked in the house before going to bed anymore. He also hasn't got a problem with socialising at school anymore. 

Just want to say THANK YOU for helping him. 

Since XXXX's RTT sessions, he so confident. He is now top his class with only As and Bs. We are so pleased. Coming to you, was money really well spent!

N.S., Hereford, UK - October 2017

Macular Degeneration (Vibrational Medicine)

My eyes are much better. 90% improvement.

L.L., Hereford, UK - October 2017

Sexual Abuse (Rapid Transformational Therapy)

My session with you was amazing. I feel amazing. I am so grateful.

C.P., Paris, FRANCE - July 2017

You Are Enough


Various Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

In the last year I have noticed that since coming to see you

  • my lips don't crack in the corners anymore. Prior to coming to your clinic, they used to crack every two weeks.
  • My knees are now pain free at night.
  • Mosquitos don't bite me anymore.
  • I don't get asthma or hay fever anymore.

Z.R., Hereford, UK - May 2017

Harmony (Vibrational Remedy)

XXXX personally asked me to thank you for the tablets, THEY WORKED. He was calm and now on his way home.
The all family benefited from them. Sylvie, thank you very much from bottom of my heart for your care and thoughts and help.

N.S., Upton-Bishop, UK - May 2017

Depression (Vibrational Medicine)

Thank you for seeing me yesterday I already feel so much better and I'm heading back to London.
P.S., London, UK - May 2017

Hypothyroidism (Vibrational Medicine)

Thanks Sylvie. My thyroid is amazing!!!!  No issues whatsoever.
J.H., Skenfrith, UK - March 2017

Various Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

Thank you for your kindness and for the amazing work you do.
--I.S., Coventry, UK - November 2016

Business Demise (Vibrational Medicine)

One of my good clients was very worried about her husband and their business. Since May-June, all their appointments with clients were getting cancelled. 

They had lots of inquiries but none would translate into new business. 

In August and September, all their clients were cancelling; no business was coming only the bills and the cost of every day life. I told her that something was really wrong and that I wanted to see what it was. I was very worried for this family and ask her to send me her husband, if he wanted to come of course, to find out what the problem was.

When he came last Thursday, I did a Vibrational Medicine treatment. Well since the treatment, he has said that he has been feeling so much better. 

By the Monday morning, their appointment book for October was half full. Today, it is now full. That’s 5 days after treatment! I am so pleased that I could help them to turn the situation around. She said “we don’t know how you do it but it works”. Again, it shows that correcting your genes can have a dramatic effect in your every day life!
D.S., Ross-on-Wye, UK - October 2016  

You Are Creative


Feeling Shaky and Wobbly (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Last Thursday a client contacted me because that evening she had a very important job interview in London. 

She absolutely wanted that job but was having a real bad day. She was feeling very shaky and wobbly. She said she did not think she would finish the day. She asked for my remote help. 

A few hours after starting broadcasting her remedy, she phoned me from a taxi on her way to her interview to let me know how relaxed she was feeling and that the wobbliness and shakiness had practically gone. 

The next day she emailed me to let me know that the interview went really well. She had a lot of self-confidence during the interview, which I worked on. Today, she told me that she got the job. She said “I don’t know how you do it, but it works!” Very satisfying Remote Vibrational Medicine treatment!
R.J., Ross-on-Wye, UK - September 2016  

Surgery Aftermath (Vibrational Medicine)

The remote treatment you did for me on Friday was short of a miracle. All my stabbing pain is gone. Thank you.
S.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK - September 2016  

Chronic Lyme Disease (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Now that I have found you, I will never leave you. I trust you implicitly and I am very grateful for all the work you are doing.
J.E., Wymondham, UK - August 2016  

Anxiety (Subconscious Reprogramming)

The analytical work that you do during a session is amazing. This is more effective than 10 days of Vipassana meditation! I can't believe it!
B.B., Ross-on-Wye, UK - July 2016  

Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis (Vibrational Medicine)

Since 2013 I have had a low White Blood Cells and neutrophils counts. I have a blood test every 4 weeks. The blood test results of 2 weeks ago, after your last Vibrational Medicine treatment, show my White Blood Cells and neutrophils counts have gone up again. I knew you could do it.
J.F., Monmouth, UK - July 2016  

Wear & Tear in Hips and Knees (Vibrational Medicine)

After leaving you yesterday, I went shopping and was able to walk normally, painfree. Your vibrational remedy Remodeling is super. Thank you.
S.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK - June 2016  

You Have Always Been Enough


Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis (Vibrational Medicine)

I have had CRA for the last 4 years. Since your treatment, my knees are normal again, even my husband said it, and I am painfree.
J.F., Monmouth, UK - June 2016  

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Vibrational Medicine)

I have been suffering with CFS for 9 years. After my first treatment, I feel 60% more energetic. Everyone told me how much better I look.
C.C., Cheltenham, UK - June 2016  

Myopia or Shortsightedness (Vibrational Medicine)

I had an eye test on Saturday and it is confirmed that my eyes have improved since my last test 3 years ago. Thank you.
S.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK - May 2016  

Various Health Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Things seem to be working and that is lovely. Many thanks indeed for helping me out of a poor place at the very beginning of the year.
P.R., Retford, UK - May 2016  

Severe Chronic Eczema (Vibrational Medicine)

Thank you so much for what you have done for our daughter. Her skin looks so well in 8 years and now she is so full of energy, happy and bubbly.
D.S., Upton-Bishop, UK - May 2016   

Chronic Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) (Vibrational Medicine)

I have been suffering with ME for the last 37 years. After your work, I feel better than I have in months, so thank you.  I knew there was something blocking my recovery, and you have found it. My stamina has improved by 80%, my muscles by 90%, my skin by 100%, it is actually back to being normal. And no collapse since my treatment with you.
J.S., Ross-on-Wye, UK - May 2016  

You Matter


Diverse Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

As requested, my email with regards to my health over the last week. My energy is better than it was when I saw you last week and I have started to sleep better.
Personally I feel stronger, more relaxed and more able to engage my brain. I had to work last night and I am pleased to say I kept my energy relatively high than I have previously been able to do.
In some way Sylvie I feel your treatment is giving me a second go at things.
Other than that a big thumbs up, I look forward to the effects of Saturday's treatment.
G.M., St Andrews, UK - April 2016 

Shingles and a Stroke (Vibrational Medicine)

You have done a cracking job with my mother. Thank you for sorting her out.
R.B., Ross-on-Wye, UK - March 2016  

Depression and Poor Health (Vibrational Medicine)

Thanks for the help with XXX, it seems to make all the difference and she finds you make a noticeable improvement in her general well being. Many thanks.
L.S., Glewstone, UK - March 2016  

Chronic Headaches (Vibrational Medicine)

I haven't had a headache since seeing you in 2014.
S.P., Gloucester, UK - March 2016 

Various Conditions (Vibrational Medicine)

Thanks to your treatments, I now feel like a human being again, who wants to grab life with both hands and enjoy it.
S.F., Monmouth, UK - March 2016  

Various Conditions (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

In the last two days, I have started to feel like when I was a young boy. It is wonderful. Thank you.
M.S., Bexhill, UK - March 2016  

You Will Always Be Enough


House Dowsing & Healing

I am very impressed! Thank you.
C.B., Ross-on-Wye, UK - February 2016  

Kidney Failure, Mimi the Dog (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Thank you for the report on Mimi. Yes, our dog seems better and better. She is lively when she gets up and has a shiny coat. Thank you for the treatments which have obviously saved her! Mimi went to the vet yesterday with our other dog. The vet was very surprised that Mimi was still alive. He thought she would have died months ago. He found her well and in good health. Thank you for your work.
R.H.H., Brockweir, UK - January and June 2016 

Severe Endometriosis & Reproductive System Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I definitely feel better since your broadcast of the treatment - the best thing is that my bowels are working more efficiently and easily, which is wonderful! At the moment, I'd say that my bloating feels much better and has lessened. And my sleep is better. Thank you!
R.R., London, UK- December 2015  

Various Conditions (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Thanks for doing those treatments, we are so lucky that you can do this amazing work on us.
S.S., Ross-on-Wye, UK- November 2015  

Severe Chronic Vulvodynia & Vestibulodynia (Vibrational Medicine)

Thanks to your treatment my holiday was really relaxing. For the first time in four years, it is the first time that I am free of symptoms and don't have to worry about what to wear to minimise the pain and discomfort. Interourse is now possible and painless. Thank you!
C.C., Gloucester, UK- November 2015  

Therapeutic Reflexology Massage

I really enjoyed my reflexology massage last week.
C.A., Stroud, UK- November 2015  

You Are Worth It


Therapeutic Reflexology Massage

I have never had a reflexology massage like yours before. Yours is so precise. I never knew I had so much feelings in my feet. You are very good.

H.R., Ross-on-Wye, UK- October 2015  

Chronic Ulcerative Colitis (Remote Vibrational Treatment and Vibrational Remedies)

Whatever was done in this most recent removal seems to be working quite well! That being said I do feel things would have been a lot worse today if it wasn't for the Bodimmune pills and the treatment... and I am feeling some hope return too... so thank you!
C.B., Bishop's Stortford, UK- October 2015  

Vibrational Remedies

Your remedies Positivity and Energy have steadied me amazingly. They have helped me tremendously. Thank you.
S.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK- October 2015  

Irritable Bowel Syndrome [IBS] Chronic For 8 years (Vibrational Medicine)

Since my last Vibrational Medicine treatment I have been feeling fantastic with no IBS symptoms.
Z.R., Hereford, UK- September 2015 

General Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

I am XXX's cousin. You treated me a few times back in 2005/2006. I was impressed with the results and am delighted at the help you have been giving my cousin during this difficult time in her health (breast/liver/brain cancer). And again, thank you for everything you are doing for my cousin. We all know how much you are helping her and appreciate it enormously.
R.R., London, UK- September 2015  

General Health Issues (Vibrational Medicine)

How did you know I had a problem with my right kidney? I am very impressed!
G.R., Weston-under-Penyard, UK- September 2015  

You Deserve Love


Chronic Mental Disorders and Anorexia (Vibrational Medicine)

Thank you for all the work you have done for our daughter. We can see the improvements in her. Lots of people are now commenting on how well she looks. She is also eating better, not yet normally but better. We are very interested in your work and so grateful that we found you.
V.H., Llangybi, UK- September 2015  

Chemicals and Metal Toxicity (Vibrational Medicine)

XXX and I have both been tested on a bioresonance machine and we both have pesticides,(which ones haven't been specified) benzene, formalehyde and phalates to get rid of. Can you do that?
I also had to have 2 x-rays in February and there is some stuff a masseuse used on me - until I realised what was in it! which I'd like to knock out. (July) *** I had another session on the bioresonance machine this week and the toxins that were present last time - the ones I told you about - have all gone except for the cadmium.
R.H.H., Brockweir, UK - September 2015  

Chronic Diabetes 2 (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

My blood sugar level is less than 110 these days compared to 125 or more before trying the Vibrational Medicine. I can see the difference! I am very happy with my treatments and would like you to come and live in Japan.
H.S., Japan - July 2015  

Various Health Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

It is a wonderous world you are in Sylvie and thank you for coming into my life. I think you are beautiful.
M.H., Eastbourne, UK - May 2015  

Relationships and Fiancial Difficulties (Vibrational Medicine Spray)

I sprayed the Sanctum over the house and me and my partner and things have changed in minutes. Things are looking up big time. :))))))))) Thanks for everything you do.
A.M., Leeds, UK - May 2015  

Chronic Severe Colitis (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

You saved my life.
C.B., Mahopac, USA - May 2015  

You Are Amazing


Whole Body Itchiness (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

After your treatment my skin problem that I had for years disappeared completely. I also feel calmer and happier. I also don't feel depressed anymore! Thank you very much.
A.S., Tokyo, Japan - April 2015  

Amenorrhea or Absence of Periods (Vibrational Medicine)

It was lovely to meet you the other day and I hope that you are well. I just wanted to say thank you for meeting with me the other week, I am happy to say that you have helped me massively. Not only do I feel happier generally but after seven months of not having my period and the doctors/hospitals not being able to fix the problem, you have healed me and I cannot thank you enough.
K.G., Abergavenny , UK - April 2015  

Dowsing Course - The Secrets of Successful Dowsing

Sylvie covered the basics dowsing skills working with different dowsing tools. The course was taylored. I was very statisfied with how the service was performed. Sylvie spoke to me before the course to check what my desired outcomes would be. She taught in a clear way, ensuring everyone understood. We had lots of time for practical work. I thought the course was very well structured! Plenty of practical work which was great. It was also fun. I was slightly apprehensive but Sylvie soon helped me to relax and enjoy the day.
S.S., Ross-on-Wye, UK - March 2015  

Dowsing Course - The Secrets of Successful Dowsing

I attended a course on the basics of dowsing run by Sylvie Lenoir. I found this course to be both informative and relaxing. The course was well thought out with good structure and a user friendly handout to supplement the knowledge obtained on the course, which helps me when I refer to it. The atmosphere was relaxed which always helps me to obtain and retain knowledge, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone!
A.S., Ross-on-Wye, UK - March 2015  

Broken Finger (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

At the beginning of the week, one of my clients was on holiday in Spain and called me to know if I could help her with the Vibrational Medicine, remotely.
She had fallen on her right hand. Her little finger was hot and swollen and was getting worse day by day.
By dowsing I established that the distal phalanx of the finger was broken. I established that the finger had to be plastered or splintered. I told her she had to go to the hospital to have her finger x-rayed and taken care of.
She came to see me today with her radio taken in Spain, which confirmed that her distal phalanx was effectively broken.
She was amazed I was able to establish this from the UK.
J.J., Ross-on-Wye, UK - February 2015  

The Universe Loves You


Neck Pain & Infertility (Vibrational Medicine)

You have helped me with neck pain and fertility issues, in both you were successful.
Z.G., Ross-on-Wye, UK - February 2015   

Back Pain (Vibrational Medicine)

My 7 year-old back problem has gone. You must be an angel.
G.H., Ross-on-Wye, UK - January 2015  

Chronic Diabetes 2 (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Since the start of my Vibrational Medicine Treatments, I have noticed that my blood sugar levels instead of being between 120 to 130, they are now consistantly stable at 116. My blood glucose never used to be that low or that stable.
P.K., Mahopac, USA - January 2015  

Chronic Shingles (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Strangely I woke up this morning and had no shingles pain at all, even though it was so chronic yesterday. My thanks again.
The pain in my side has not come back. I'm feeling well again for the first time in weeks. I'm so grateful. I feel I've been struggling with one thing after another for months but finally I'm clear. Thank you so much for all your work which has enabled me to carry on living the life I love here.
A.M., FRANCE - June - July 2014  

Severe Chronic Cystitis (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Just to let you know that the cystitis has completely gone - I am so grateful - so many many thanks once again.
A.M., FRANCE - June 2014  

Severe Chronic Vulvodynia & Vestibulodynia (Vibrational Medicine)

I really enjoyed my time with you and I'm glad you enjoyed having me. I felt much better after my treatment and I have to say that the pain has decreased dramatically and my energy levels have started to improve. I have to say my energy went from practically zero most days to 1 or 2 on average to around 5 or 6 after the treatment and my pain improved from I would say 9 or 8, which was excruciating to about 2 possibly 1 as I haven't felt any pain moving around or sitting down which is amazing and I've been able to go in a bath and ride my horses, which I haven't been able to do in so long, so thank you!
K.B., Newcastle, UK- May 2014  

You Are Unique


Torticollis (Vibrational Remedy)

I think your spray SANCTUM made my torticollis better!!!!!! My shoulder was killing me because of so much pain. And I thought I could bring the spray (blue bottle) to work so I put it in my bag. And perhaps I had some spirits on my shoulder and I sprayed to my shoulder and I felt much much much better! I wasn't sure that the liquid would change the aura but I really felt that it does and it does work very much! I really LOVE the spray SANCTUM!! 

 A.MS., London, UK- April 2014

Severe Dizziness and Nausea (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Many many thanks, I FEEL NORMAL AGAIN! I had the feeling it may be something like that. I think we will have to change our phone. So grateful for the relief. I didn't know what to do with myself, the feelings were so strange. At least I know what is causing the problem with me now and can get in touch with you immediately if it starts again. Its a great relief to be feeling normal again, so grateful for your treatment.
A. M., FRANCE, - April 2014 

Hay Fever (Vibrational Remedy)

My hay fever is gone thanks to POLLENFREE. I am so grateful.
A. M., London, UK - March 2014

Stress (Vibrational Remedy)

I have had a lot of stress and lots of changes in the last few months. I used your remedies RELEASE and HARMONY, which were a huge help.
M.C., USA- March 2014 

Hand-made Natural Organic Lip Balm

I love the lip balm, it is really nice. I never use any normally because of all the nasty chemicals put in them.
A.L., Newent, UK- February 2014

Intestinal Virus While Abroad (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

It worked wonders!! He is fit again. THANK you ever so much for your quick help! What would we do without you???
J.B., Hereford, UK- February 2014

You Are Beautiful


Chronic Multiple Sclerosis or M.S. (Vibrational Medicine)

I didn't really feel immediate benefits. But once Christmas and the busy period had died down, I felt a lot better. Having no flare-ups and not on medication now, so good news all in all.
A.O., Jersy, February 2014

Brain Haemorrhage Caused By A Prescription Drug (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

One of my French clients was dying in intensive care unit from a massive brain haemorrhage caused by a conventional medicine drug. The doctors told his wife that the drug Préviscan (Fluindione) was responsible for his haemorrhage. His wife phoned me to help him as she was told by the doctors there was nothing they could do for him, despite the antidote. She was told that he was about to die.
Thanks to his remote Vibrational Medicine treatment, he came out of his coma within 48 hours. The doctors were in complete disbelief that he wasn't in a coma anymore and that he was still alive. The neurologists, after different tests and scans, were in disbelief with the level of repair of his nervous system as well as at the speed at which it happened. He was not paralysed as expected. They didn't understand how it could have repaired so massively and so quickly!
The second remote Vibrational Medicine treatment allowed him to speak again. Three weeks after that second Vibrational Medicine treatment the neurosurgeon and neurologists were still unable to understand his brain recovery and said to his wife that he should be dead.
M.S., Montpellier, FRANCE, February 2014  

Subconscious Reprogramming

Subconscious Reprogramming has been invaluable.
C.F., Ross-on-Wye, UK, December 2013

Chronic Severe Acne (Vibrational Medicine)

Your Vibrational Formula has made a very big difference to my skin and I also looked up on line what foods and drinks contained the food additives you said were causing the problem, which I have now taken out of my diet. The improvement is my skin is definitely a 10/10.
K.P., Gloucester, UK, December 2013

Severe Acne As A Result Of Chemotherapy (Vibrational Medicine & Aromatherapy)

Everyone is telling me that I look much better. I feel stronger. My hairdresser said that my hair were stronger. The essential oil you recommended for my skin is amazing. I am amazed. I suggested it to my mother, whose skin has been damaged by the sun and she is amazed by it too.
J.W., Monmouth, UK, December 2013 

Pregnancy Sickness (Vibrational Remedy)

I took Travelease yesterday and within an hour I felt much better.
S.P., Gloucester, UK, November 2013

You Are Smart


Dougal The Dog - Kidney Failure & Congestive Heart Failure (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I don't need to ask questions about your work, I trust you completely and I can see the results in my dog.
D.W., Ickenham, UK, October 2013 

Surgical Toxicity (Vibrational Medicine)

Feeling great! Thanks.
W.A., Abergavenny, UK, September 2013

On-Site House Healing

The house does feel a lot better.
R.H.H., Brockweir, UK, September 2013

Swollen Painful Gums (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Dear Sylvie, many thanks for XXXX's second treatment. He has his old 'joie de vivre' back which is so good. He was very down for several months. We are both feeling very well too so, what would we do without you?, can't thank you enough for your work. Very best wishes.
J. M., FRANCE, August 2013 

Bodimmune (Vibrational Formula)

Your hay fever tablets are working brilliantly!
S. P., Gloucester, UK, July 2013

Positivity (Vibrational Remedy)

You are onto a winner with this formula, it is short of a miracle!
R.G., Lydbrook, UK, July 2013

You Are Lovable


Tilly The Dog – Liver Cancer (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

There has been a great improvement in Tilly's health. She is not so wobbly. She is much brighter with much more energy. Yesterday we walked around the forest with her. She certainly could not have done that last week at all, prior to your treatment. Her tummy, where the tumour is, is much softer. Urination and defecation are good. She is certainly a different dog, much happier and more herself. Our daughter, who had not seen Tilly for 2 days, could not believe the difference in Tilly.
E.K., Newham, UK, June 2013

Sudden Hearing Loss & Tinnitus (Vibrational Remedy)

I just have to let you know your Arabica Remedy is amazing. All of yesterday afternoon I suffered from a ringing in my ears and a loss of hearing. On taking your remedy the ringing stopped immediately. This morning I have no ringing and can hear perfectly. Thank you.
R.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK, May 2013    

Rosie The Dog – Cancerous Mammary Glands (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Within half an hour of the start of your remote treatment for Rosie last Friday, I could not believe the huge improvement. She was jumping off the walls. She passed a huge stool just after the treatment started. I have noticed that my dog now drinks a lot more and passes more stools than before the Vibrational Medicine treatment. There is a drastic difference in her health. The big hard lump on her breast is gone. When I touched her breast where the lump used to be, she didn't manifest any sign of pain at all and she has stopped getting at her breast all the time. I cannot believe the difference, which is tremendous. The difference in Rosie within 48 hours of the start of her remote Vibrational Medicine treatment has been amazing. I cannot believe the difference in her energy level. She is just stronger. Even my other dog has completely change attitude towards her. And the vet I saw last week wanted to operate her this week. I am so glad that she won't need to.
R.M.D., Ross-on-Wye, UK, May 2013 

Measles Virus Infection From Vaccination Attacking One Eye (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Just to let you know and to thank you for the treatment on XXX… since the treatment she is a different child (2 year-old), very happy and playful, much less tearful and moody!! Completely better, no blood shot at all now in her eye ! No surgery necessary! XXX's green mucous has now gone and her snot is clear! In general she is 100% better, thank you.
N.F., Hereford, UK, March 2013

Remote House Healing

I'm very glad to say XXX is on good form at the moment and the house feels calm. We are sleeping well. Many thanks for all your help.

A.N., FRANCE, February 2013

Travelease (Vibrational Remedy)

I think the remedy Travelease is very good. I only had to use it at the most 6 different times of travel. I would give some tablets to my daughter before we were due to travel. At first she would say she felt sick along the way so I would give her more Travelease. As time went on, the tablets reduced and now she does not need to take any. I have not had one complaint from her about feeling sick. I also let my nephew try some as he is travel sick. They worked first time travelling home 4 hours in car without sickness. I am very impressed with this remedy and would recommend it to any one who has issues with travel sickness.
N.P., Leeds, UK, January 2013

You Are Talented


Chronic Poor Health (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I feel so much better – it’s so good to have some energy again – it’s wonderful to have your help - I am so grateful.
A.M., FRANCE, January 2013 

Chronic Knee Problems - (NMS Attunement™)

It felt weird when you worked on my back. I felt something flowing down my spine but I feel very relaxed and my knees feel free. They have been a problem for many years.
W.M., Ross-on-Wye, UK, July 2012

Chronic Lower Back Pain for 40 Years (Vibrational Medicine)

I went to see my doctor today and she asked me to thank you for having succeeded in making my back pain-free. She had been trying to do it for years without success. She is very impressed with your work and she wanted me to tell you.
J.T., Ross-on-Wye, UK, July 2012

On-Site House Healing

I am so grateful for what you have done today.

J.T., Ross-on-Wye, UK, July 2012

On-Site House Healing

I am so glad I have had my house healed as part of my healing.
S.S., Ross-on-Wye, UK, July 2012

Toxifree (Vibrational Remedy)

Toxifree is really a brilliant remedy.
A.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK, July 2012

You Are Powerful


Chronic Lower Back Pain (Vibrational Medicine)

For the last 10 years my back has been in a constant dull ache. I have tried everything. After my first treatment with you, my back has been fantastic and painfree.
A.C., Hereford, UK, July 2012 

Love (Vibrational Remedy)

I love this remedy. It is very strong. When I use those pills, I start to see everything sparkling. I really feel love and connectedness with everyone and everything. I start to feel part of nature, the sky, the stars. I have more empathy and patience towards others. I am in a wonderment of it all.
A.F., Ross-on-Wye, UK, July 2012 

Love (Vibrational Remedy)

When using "Love", I felt a sympathy for everyone. I really felt optimistic and I was just seeing everything with pink glasses.
M.M., London, UK, June 2012

Amber The Horse (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

My horse Amber was intermittently unsound in her movement. As an experienced horse owner, I know how difficult it is to identify the cause of such lameness and was talking about this problem with Sylvie, who offered to take a look at Amber. 

A few days later Sylvie phoned me to say that it wasn’t muscle damage but was a bone problem and would create a vibrational medicine treatment remotely for her. To be absolutely safe, I asked my Vet to carry out a lameness work-up and the resulting X-rays showed that she had minor bony changes taking place in both forefeet that are apparently quite common in horses of her type. Sylvie continued to work with Amber and she is now being ridden regularly and is comfortable.
J.C., Ross-on-Wye, UK, May 2012 

Amy The Dog (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Sylvie knew that I was very concerned about the health of my dog Amy, who had been discharged from the small animal hospital but was a shadow of her former self. She was still under veterinary care for several months but was making slow progress in her recovery. 

Sylvie offered to look at Amy’s health. I had been wanting to ask her to look at Amy but wasn't sure she would accept to treat my dog. She identified the cause of her problem. A remote vibrational medicine treatment was done for her. 

The change in Amy was remarkable and happened quite quickly. I knew she was OK when one morning she started to play with her companion something she had not had the energy or desire to do for several months. Now, some 8 months later she is so well that it is difficult to remember how desperately ill she was.
J.C., Ross-on-Wye, UK, May 2012 

Barnie The Dog (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Barnie's lameness is completely gone. A million thanks.
S.A., Ross-on-Wye, UK, May 2012

You Are Strong


Broken Little Finger (Vibrational Medicine)

Since breaking my small finger in July 2011, I have not been able to play guitar with it and it has been very painful ever since. Since your treatment, it has been pain-free and I have been able to use my finger again to play guitar.
M.R., Ross-on-Wye, UK, March 2012

Travelease For Travel & Altitude Sickness (Vibrational Remedy)

 My 7-year-old daughter has suffered with travel sickness for the past two years. She would feel ill in the car, coach, train etc. It could be either on long or short journeys, straight or bendy roads and she would always be ill.

We were preparing to go on a long journey to visit our family in South America. Once there were planning to travel. I was concerned that my daughter would be very ill, so I took her to see Sylvie Lenoir. Sylvie designed a vibrational remedy called ‘Travelease’ which has been amazing. I give my daughter 3 tablets about 30 minutes before any journey and she is absolutely fine! Whilst on holiday we were able to travel without our daughter suffering any sickness, and since we’ve been back she’s been fine. This remedy is brilliant and has made travelling so much more relaxing.

When we went to the Machu Picchu, both my children started to look very white and faint. After giving them some Travelease, the colours in their faces came back straight away. I took some myself as I had a band of pressure across my forehead. It worked very well too at stopping the altitude sickness and associated headaches.
S. S., Ross-on-Wye, UK, May 2011  

Remote Health Dowsing & Vibrational Medicine

Thanks for this and for your help... it is joy! The pills arrived today, you are very prompt! Also to mention, when I received your first batch of pills last week the package felt full of care and professionalism... I was impressed!
C. B., Stafford, UK, December 2010 

Cat Allergy (Vibrational Medicine)

I have been seeing Sylvie Lenoir for the past 6 years and over that time she has treated me for a variety of ailments, which have required physical, spiritual and emotional support. When I follow her guidance properly, I have been astonished at how healthy, energetic and alert I feel. Sylvie has also treated my husband and children successfully.

Recently, I saw Sylvie about a cat allergy I had had since I was 14, which we assumed would need physical treatment, but in fact she needed to work on an emotional level. Soon after my session with Sylvie I went to visit my family. Usually, I leave my childhood home feeling upset and I struggle with a vast mix of emotions. 

Despite being a psychologist and having gone through the process of psychotherapy, unfortunately those issues remained unresolved. But since the work Sylvie did with me, I no longer have those reactions. It has been wonderfully liberating. I can visit my family, truly enjoy their company and remain unaffected by certain behaviours and comments and my allergy has also disappeared.
S.S., Ross-on-Wye, UK, December 2010

Smoking & Alcohol Addictions, Plus Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (Vibrational Medicine)

 I thought that I would write to you to let you know how my life has transformed since I first started coming to your practise. Firstly, the ease in which I stopped smoking and drinking after at least 35 years, with no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever! It has now been 6 years since my first visit to you and I am proud to say that I am still not smoking or drinking. You also treated me on one occasion for severe pain in my hands and wrists, which was affecting my sleep at night. I am still pain free and what a relief that is. I very rarely take up the Doctors valuable time these days because I never really have any ailments that you cannot cure! My children and I owe you a great deal Sylvie and I will be eternally grateful to you.
K. F., Ross-on-Wye, UK, November 2010

Chronic Headaches (Vibrational Medicine)

I’ve been visiting your practice since you opened it in Ross on Wye, initially for reflexology. As you know you helped me recover from the stroke I had 2 years ago and have advised me in improving the quality of my life. But nothing prepared me for the effectiveness of your Vibrational Remedies, in particular the one called Harmony. Ever since my stroke, I occasionally get severe headaches, but by taking the remedy Harmony, the headache is gone before I put the cap back on the bottle. I have never known anything like it in my life. It is nothing short of a miracle in a bottle. Thank you for being there.
RJ. A, Ross-on-Wye, UK, June 2010

You Are Kind


Chronic Sciatica (Vibrational Medicine)

Thank you for arranging my first night sleep in a week. No pain, no sciatica.
B. Q, Durham, UK, March 2010 

Chronic Complex Partial Seizures (CPS) (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

I wish I understood Sylvie Lenoir's healing process or technique, but ultimately, it's the results of her work that matter.

I suffer from Complex Partial Seizures (CPS). For brief periods, usually once a day, a seizure and its lethargic after-effect will incapacitate me for up to an hour. Prescription medication, such as Dilantin and Tegretol are helpful, but it wasn't until I met a mutual friend that I learned of Sylvie.
I was sceptical at first. After all, I reside in the U.S. and Sylvie in the UK. What, on earth, could she do to help me at such a great distance? 

Again, I wish I knew, but it's results that matter. Where once I suffered a daily visit from CPS, it's now once a month. It's not a cure, but a vast improvement. Thank You, Sylvie.

John Fiore, Medford Massachusetts, USA 

Coma As a Consequence Of A Stroke (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

In January of 2006, my 78-year-old mother suffered a massive stroke. She lay in a comatose state for nearly two weeks. In one of the most renowned and prestigious hospitals in the US, doctors prepared our family for the worse. 

We were told, at best, she would live her remaining days, strapped in a bed at some elder care facility. For me, that wasn't a good enough answer.
Sylvie Lenoir had helped me in the past, so it was clearly a time to ask for her assistance once again. Sylvie assured me she would do her best.

Two days later, I walked into my mother's hospital room to find her sitting up in bed, lucid and complaining about hospital food. I damn near fainted. Eight months have since passed and because the stroke left her with a slight vision problem, I write this with her knowledge and on her behalf. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Sylvie.
John & Tina Fiore, Boston, MA. USA 

Chronic Bronchitis & Ill Health (Vibrational Medicine)

My parents had been encouraging me to see Sylvie after at least 10 years of severe bronchitis and general ill health. The doctors were telling me that there was nothing wrong and I believed that it was one of those things that I had to put up with; that is until I was taken very ill in September 2005. I went to stay with my parents and thought I had nothing to lose by trying out the Vibrational Medicine.

I remember walking into the first consultation feeling and looking like death - after an hour of treatment I walked out of the room feeling like a different person! My cough had gone, my glands were no longer swollen, I had some colour to my face, my chest didn't hurt when breathing, I really did feel on top of the world.

From this day forward I have been using Vibrational Medicine to help me gain strength in a physical,personal and spiritual sense. I would recommend it to anyone; even if you are a sceptic...you'll be amazed!

The results truly speak for themselves. I never believed that alternative medicine could be so powerful! I have regained my health due to ongoing treatment and have learnt things about me I never even knew existed.
S.M. Cheltenham, UK

Food Poisoning (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

When I first heard about Vibrational Medicine, I was very sceptical. But once, I suffered from very bad stomach cramps. I was ill for a day before I decided to go and see Sylvie. She diagnosed food poisoning. After she gave me a treatment, I instantly felt better. A day later, all my pain was gone and I was fine again. Vibrational Medicine doesn't do any harm and is very gentle but most effective. Now that I have moved to Australia, she still treats me remotely with the same efficiency. I really can recommend Sylvie and her practice to anyone.
Jürgen Bloss, Sydney, Australia

Various Chronic Health Issues (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

Over the last few years, I have been suffering from several different health issues and Sylvie always helped and cured my problems. I have now moved to Australia and even over this distance from the UK, she is able to diagnose my illness and use her special Vibrational Medicine. I only need to send her an email or simply ring her. Sylvie always comes back to me within a day, keeps me updated during the healing process and asks for feedback. Thanks Sylvie!
Katja Katholing, Hereford, UK

You Are Perfect As You Are


Severe Chronic Insomnia (Vibrational Medicine)

Sylvie was recommended to me by a friend because of my problem with sleeping. I have had problems trying to sleep since my late teens but didn't sleep very well as a child either. The last ten years or so it has really gotten me down and I have tried various things over the years but nothing has really helped.

I went to see Sylvie in August 2005 and wasn't sure what to expect and whether she could help me. She asked me lots of questions and then we started the treatment. I found it a bit strange and wasn't sure what was going on. I went back a couple of weeks later and didn't see much of a difference in my sleeping.

After quite a few more sessions and about 6 months later I finally began to see a difference in my sleeping patterns. I was still taking a time to get to sleep but I would usually sleep most of the night and wake up quite early in the morning.

I am now sleeping much better, it still takes me a little time to get to sleep but I am generally sleeping right through until 6ish or later. I still feel very tired, especially first thing in the morning, but hope this will gradually lessen as I am getting better quality sleep now. I'm still not quite sure how vibrational medicine works but I know that it has helped me to sleep when no other treatment worked for me.
L.T. Ross-on-Wye, UK 

Depression (Remote Vibrational Medicine)

A friend recommended I speak with Sylvie at a low point in my life. I had been off from stress work related and depression for 4 months. Some harassment ensued, many sleepless nights, deep anxiety and constant crying. I was having a nervous breakdown and didn't know what to do anymore.

As soon as I spoke with Sylvie, I began to feel things could improve. She was such a good listener and offered great emotional support as well as empathy. She prepared a remote remedy and within the hour I was cooking food and feeling calm. I had my first normal night sleep in ages. 

Sylvie monitored me closely for the next few weeks, recommended some vitamins and mental exercises. I didn't have to resort to the anti-depressant the doctor prescribed. The change is my life has been amazing and has been noticed by everybody. I would have no hesitation in using Sylvie's great healing skills in the future and recommended her to anybody who would listen. She is a truly amazing healer and giving soul.

M.T. Brighton, UK

Chronic Myalgic Encephalopathy (ME) (Vibrational Medicine)

Just over 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with ME. The "good news" at the time was that all other possibilities for my pain, lethargy and emotional instability had been removed. The downside was that my GP said that there was no one cure for it and that I would have to live an altered life. It was very difficult to adjust to this and despite homeopathic treatment, visits to the osteopath and genuine support from my GP including CBT therapy over the last few years, I found myself caught into a cycle of not knowing when and if I would ever feel "well" again.

A friend of my daughter had visited Sylvie for an altogether different reason to mine and although she reported on favourable outcomes it wasn't until her sceptical husband also praised Sylvie's work that I decided to contact Sylvie. This was in January 2008.

I was pacing myself in all aspects of my life to prevent a major relapse. I was distressed at my last visit to my GP when he had said that I would have to accept that I would probably never be able to do those exercise related things that I so enjoyed. So with nothing to lose, but with a vestige of scepticism, I made an appointment to see Sylvie. So much happened at that first visit with Sylvie that totally overcame my scepticism. I arrived tired, walking slowly and with aching legs and blurred vision.

As Sylvie applied her skills, I found it fascinating to feel changes in my body; the pain seemed to roll away in waves! I left her practice striding uphill and for the first time in years realised that I could be "well" again. I know that it wasn't a placebo effect as family, friends and acquaintances all commented on how well I looked and sounded. This lovely effect lasted for almost a week before pain and lethargy came back. But I felt that I recovered more quickly from it, and by the time I saw Sylvie again, I just felt stronger emotionally and physically.

The advice Sylvie gave on diet was invaluable, and when I have "slipped" my body has reacted so quickly and strongly that I am not often tempted to create that situation!

Now having seen Sylvie three times I have increased my exercise level and am now able to ride my horse regularly and walk my dogs, simple pleasures that I had missed out on previously.
And I have weaned myself off the drugs that my GP and I had agreed to try over a year ago. A few days ago I went to see my GP for a regular check-up and he was delighted with the improvements he could see and as he said "I don't care how you get better, I'm just so delighted that you are feeling better and look the best I have seen you in years". I still have down times but I know that I can feel well again quite quickly and this is thanks to Sylvie's skills and knowledge.
J. C. Ross-on-Wye, UK, March 2008  

Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis (Vibrational Medicine)

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) after the birth of my daughter in 2005 at the age of 37. 

In the early stages of the disease, I suffered acute pain and inflammation and over time this developed and changed into a chronic condition in which I rarely left the house, struggled to walk, suffered chronic fatigue and was registered disabled.

In October 2007, a friend bought me an appointment with Sylvie Lenoir. At this point, I had never taken my daughter anywhere, even to the shops without help and I was in constant pain.
I left that first appointment knowing I would get better.

Eight months later, I am not cured and have much healing to do. However, I am stronger, in considerably less pain, lead a normal life where I enjoy a full range of activities with my children. 

This year, I took all three to Portugal on my own. This would have been inconceivable a year ago.The reduction in pain and the increase of energy have been the greatest gifts. I have gained weight and look more healthy.

There is still a long way to go as I have had a multitude of health problems. However, the changes in me and my life are evidence of the extent to which I am on the road to recovery.
J. K. Ross-on-Wye, UK 

Chronic Acne (Vibrational Medicine)

Chronic Uterus Prolapse (Vibrational Medicine)

During the summer 2005, I had not been feeling particularly well but struggled on as I usually do, until on the 30th of July when I examined myself using a mirror and to my horror found that I was losing my uterus! 

I immediately booked an appointment with Sylvie Lenoir, who has become "my doctor". Without telling her anything, she dowsed my whole body and informed me that I was indeed having a prolapse. I was absolutely shocked as I had it in my mind that this sort of thing only happened to very old or sick ladies! Sylvie then treated me on the 10th of August. 

I made another appointment to see her again on the 11th of October 2005. In the meantime I had already made an appointment with my GP which I attended on the 12th of September, who confirmed that I was having a prolapse. He made an appointment for me with a gynaecologist from Hereford Hospital, to see what he could do about it. 

On the 11th of October, I went back to Sylvie and had a final treatment. She said that I would not need to return for a further appointment as the problem was now gone. On the 6th of December, I kept my appointment with the gynaecologist, who duly confirmed that there was absolutely no prolapse and that everything was perfectly normal. 

What can I say but thank you very much Sylvie, you have saved me from inevitable surgery and also saved the tax payers fortunes.

K. F. Ross-on-Wye, UK, March 2006