About Sylvie Lenoir


Your Health Is Your Second Most Precious Possession

I have been a natural healer for over 28 years, a complementary and alternative therapist as well as a professional medical dowser for over 16 years, daily dowsing and healing my clients' health or that of their pets.

I can remember that even as a child, I always wanted to help people, to cure people and make them happy. That is when I decided to be a doctor. Later in life, I felt attracted to paediatrics. 

But life unexpectedly took me on the alternative path of medicine instead, for which I am very grateful because thanks to this, my thinking and approach to health are limitless, unbiased, unbound by medical dogmas or restrictions. 

My mind is totally free to explore unknown healing medical fields and territories.

Over the years, I have realised that I was born into healing. Healing is not my job, it is my life.

I am really passionate about healing, healing modalities and techniques from all over the world, medicine and health matters. 

Whenever I have had a health issue in the past or out of curiosity, I have tried many kinds of medicines and therapies as most people do in search of THE most effective therapy I could find out there, looking for THE safest non-toxic most natural therapy that would 

  • find the root cause(s) of my health issues
  • bring lasting results
  • give my health back
  • maintain my health
  • most importantly prevent the occurrence or reoccurence of symptoms.

I found what I was looking for.

I don't know about you but when I have a health issue, I want it to be gone for good and not just artificially controlled or managed for the rest of my life. For me, daily popping toxic pills is not an option, and surgery even less.

My approach is about natural health without prescription drugs, surgery, or supplements when possible because some diseases cannot be cured without the right vitamin or mineral.

Practising a form of healing or medicine that is harmless and non-toxic for my clients is crucial to me. It is unfortunately rarely the case with many therapies or medicines.

Thanks to my intuitive and extensive knowledge in healing, I also integrate intuitive medicine into my practice as well as nutritional, spiritual, psychological and lifestyle recommendations

My Qualifications

  • Vibrational Medicine / Medical Dowsing (Jack Temple) in Woking,
  • Professional Dowser (Jack Temple) in Woking, 
  • Hypnotherapy in London,
  • Reflexology (The Bayly School of Reflexology in the UK and the Franco-Chinese Institute of Reflexology in Paris),
  • Live and Dry Blood Analysis in Cambridge.

Additional Training

  • Medical Aromatherapy (internal and external use of essential oils) in Belgium
  • Naturopathy in Paris. 

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