Vibrational Medicine


Causal Diagnosis

Vibrational Medicine is about establishing a causal diagnosis of your condition and the elimination of its causes. 

Those causes can be inherited (genetically passed down by your ancestors) or acquired (from your conception to now).

Any natural or man-made chemical or radiation has two potential effects on your health: it is either beneficial or harmful. 

My job is to look for the harmful ones because they are the ones making you ill because they damage your DNA. 

Vibrational Medicine is ideal to deal with any:

  • physical 
  • spiritual
  • energetic
  • psychological, mental and emotional

conditions, severe or chronic, no matter how old the problem is.

What you are about to read if you go beyond that point is my own understanding of how our beings work. I do not presume that this is it, but it is nevertheless a good logical start. 

Contamination Event

From Normal Cell To Mutated Cell

A normal cell exposed to a harmful chemical or radiation changes dramatically in its health, function and shape because its DNA has been damaged. It has become abnormal. 

It is what I call "a contamination event". This exposure will from then on trigger genetic mutations and consequently symptoms until the cell or the organism dies. 

That is why people can get cancer, which is a big symptom. But a contamination event does not necessarily causes cancer. Nevertheless, it always causes cellular mutation.

Let's take Teflon for example, which is a well-known carcinogen (substance that gives cancer). Your exposure to Teflon will do exactly what I described above; it will change the health, function and shape of your cells for the rest of your life. 

But the problem is more complicated because Teflon will also leave footprint and resonance in your genes, even if you stop using it or stop being exposed to it. The footprint or resonance is as dangerous as the substance itself.

Chemical or radiation exposures also mean a massive stress, some can even be life threatening. From the time of contamination, your behaviour will start to change too for the worst, you will be more negative with yourself but also with other people. 

You can observe that in alcoholics or recreational drug users: the substances that they use change them completely mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and physically. 

Needless to say that all these footprints and resonances prevent you from being who you truly are and from achieving your full potential because they take your strength and energy away. 

To illustrate my point, have a look on Google at pictures of crystal meth. users, before using the drug and after. 

When pharmaceuticals have been given to you for example, each ingredient in each medication will leave a footprint and resonance on top of its active substances. Stopping using this drug does not in any way eliminate its footprints and resonances, which will keep creating symptoms until the day you die.

It is those acquired (from your conception to now) and inherited (genetically transmitted by your ancestors) footprints and resonances that make people ill and have poor health on all levels. 

Most people will never relate their symptoms, disease or condition to a chemical or radiation that they or their ancestors have been exposed to!

Those electromagnetic memories or resonances make your health like a castle build on sand. 


The Solution = Vibrational medicine


By removing the inherited or acquired footprints and resonances that radiations and chemicals leave behind is like removing the sand and putting concrete under the castle. 

It also allows your whole being to cope much better with acquired exposures. 

I have found a non-toxic, non-invasive way to remove both inherited and acquired footprints and resonances of any radiation or chemical by using specific frequencies. Their removal further stabilises your health and stops their relative symptoms. 

In a nutshell, that is it! 

The problem is that our bodies do not make a difference between harmful or beneficial frequencies because frequencies are the language of the Universe. Therefore our bodies will absorb everything.

The human body is made up of billions of subatomic particles, atoms and molecules arranged in different patterns (cells, tissues and organs) according to the type of informational waves they receive. 

If the human body receives more disturbing or harmful frequencies, then health suffers and symptoms are generated. That is why it is paramount to make sure that the normal oscillatory equilibrium of the cells is maintained. 

A body as a whole emits its own frequential signature, unique on Earth but so does each organ, gland, tissue, cell, atomic and subatomic particles composing it. 

It is well known today that specific crystals and metals are used as resonators or oscillators in high-tech, computers, radio, watches, clocks, radio navigation and spacecraft tracking systems for their emitting, receiving, amplifying and storing properties. Our bodies are full of them! 

Scientists have observed that living organisms, humans included, are a series of synchronous interacting crystal structures, organised and oscillating as solid and liquid crystals. 




The human body is a self-correcting and self-rebalancing instrument providing the right frequency is applied. It has many built-in safety systems always trying to restore and maintain balance and life in every way possible. 

When for some reason the human body is no more able to do so, then health worsens, symptoms increase in frequency and intensity, illness or disease takes hold, even death may occur. 

Therefore to stay alive and restore its own health and equilibrium, the body needs the right kind of vibrations. 

We can conclude that the human body is a multi-wave wireless radio-electromagnetic oscillator. 

Human DNA functions exactly according the same principles of hertzian waves. It has actually been scientifically proven that our DNA works like an antenna; it emits and receives frequencies all the time. 

This is why our genes are so sensitive to any external electromagnetic field, beneficial or harmful. 

Vibrational Medicine is a real effective alternative medicine, because it uses corrective frequencies to retune human or animal health to their correct frequencies. With the right wavelength, humans or animals can correct themselves instantly. 

Vibrational Remedies are able to stimulate healing and repair as well as reinstate the natural state of the complex soul-mind-body on all levels, treating the whole person. It is also very preventive. 

Furthermore Vibrational medicine has a major aspect that is an outstanding facility: a remedy can be sent remotely to anyone anywhere in the world. I do not have to meet the patient or the animal and they do not have to visit me. 

It is reassuring to know that when the right treatment is applied, the human body will do the right thing: repair, no matter what, no matter how long the problem(s) has been there for. 

There is no limit to what Vibrational Medicine can achieve for human or animal health. 

Vibrational Medicine IS the cutting edge of medicine. 

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